Understanding BMI:Body Mass Index and your Weight part_1

Many at times people who are conscious of their health and want to maintain a healthy weight confuse their weight status with their weight.The fact that you weigh 70 kg and a colleague of yours weighs 59 kg doesn’t imply you are  overweight or your friend is underweight.Our true weight status is revealed by our body mass index(BMI).

Body mass index (BMI) is a measure of body fat based on your weight in relation to your height, and applies to most adult men and women aged 20 and over.

It is used as a screening tool to indicate whether a person is underweight, overweight, obese or a normal weight with respect to their height.

This is how your body mass index is calculated

Body Mass Index Calculation
Image Credit:hepatitiscnewdrugresearch

Alternatively you can calculate your body mass index with the formula below:

          BMI =    Weight in kilograms   /   Height in metres2

The formula in metric units for BMI = Weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared.


Your BMI can be a great indicator to know your weight status and significant health risks.

BMI range interpretation
Image Credit:dailyintake.net

Keep in mind that BMI  is only a guide. It is not a tool to determine ideal body weight. It is a tool to help you monitor if your weight is increasing your risk for disease.

Part 2 of this post would look at some discrepancies with the BMI and also  BMI and Body fat.

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