This weekend’s AccraFoodHack brought together “techies” and “foodies” to explore the intersection of food and technology at the Impact Hub Accra.


The event started on a great note with a panel of restauranteurs,food bloggers and foodies sparking a fantastic conversation around how Ghanaian foods can be used to promote local and international tourism.Various topics were discussed and the panel did justice to questions thrown at them by the moderator of the discussion.


Some facts were established as audience and the panel agreed on issues discussed.

The moderator for the discussion was Nana Ama Afari- Dwamena (Co founder,Dine Diaspora) and the panel of experts included  Selasi Atadika (Chef and Owner ,Midunu ),Sofiene Marzouki(Country Managing Director,HelloFood Ghana), Daniel Abunu( Restauraneurs,Yenkodi) and  Jay Gyebi (Food blogger and Restauranteur,Mukasechic).Visit Jay’s blog for  mouthwatering pictures and recipes of Ghanaian foods.

Panel of exerts at AccraFoodHack
Image Credit :@wiledsen

The fantastic panel of experts sparked some interesting ideas that were pitched by some of the teams competing for the FoodHack late into the night.

The pitch ranged from an online marketplace that connects growers to restaurants to apps that help us identify with and appreciate local food.


The second day of the FoodHack kicked off at 08:00 GMT with a FoodWalk in collaboration with Blogging Ghana.Participant walk through streets around Osu and it environs to take pictures of Ghanaian foods and the stories that surrounds some food joints in Accra.

Participants returned to the hub in the afternoon to work on their ideas and also prepare for their pitches.Pitching started at exactly 18:00 GMT, where all team presented their ideas to the judges and the audience.Questions followed each pitch and were answered accordingly.

There were various prizes for the night ,which included a wireless bluetooth speaker for the team that had the highest post on all 3 social media sites during the foodwalk,a caah prize of GHS 200 for the individual with the best food story.There were  raffles throughout the day for Essiespice sauces and advisory sessions from Circumspecte.

The ultimate prize went out to the winning team for the foodhack “Team B3didi”

Image Credit:Essence_13

It was a great weekend at Africa’s first food Hackathon in Accra,Ghana.






1esSense13, a social enterprise that seeks to raise the profile of African food, is hosting Accra’s first food hackathon, Accra Food Hack, on  January 8 & 9, 2016.

The event, the first of its kind in Africa, will provide a forum for interested stakeholders to brainstorm and develop practical solutions to challenges in starting a food or beverage business, the food supply chain system, food packaging and customer experiences with food businesses.

What to expect:

A packed weekend, where every individual is an active participant in creating tangible solutions related to the hackathon challenge. A panel of experts will share thoughts on tackling the challenge for the weekend, a photo walk on Saturday morning will inspire participants to think about how their solutions would work in the local context, and several local Ghanaian food businesses will be featured.

A panel of judges will select a winning team for a grand prize of cash and/or in-kind prizes.

Who can attend:

Anyone that has a passion for local food and is interested in working actively throughout the weekend to come up with a solution that can be executed locally and beyond the weekend.

The Hackathon Challenge:

How do we use Ghanaian food to increase local and international tourism in the country?

Teams will be asked to pitch an idea to address the challenge question, while considering the role that technology could play. One of the following four focus areas must be covered in team solutions:

Nutrition         | Supporting healthy lifestyles in the context of local food.
Convenience   | Online food delivery, restaurant reservations.
Sustainability  | Alternate ways of packaging food, food-related recycling, etc.

Employment   | Making the food industry attractive , improving customer service, manufacturing, etc.


Register at www.accrafoodhack.eventbrite.com to stay up to date on event details.

Accra Food Hack is powered by Platinum Sponsor, City Investments Company Limited.