Image Credit : Indochine Kitchen
Image Credit : Indochine Kithcen

Eating your way through China, Central Asia, Turkey and Italy, comes the changes in cuisine from the East to the West. I have come to discover that there are stories and transnational connections regarding various cuisines.
Both the Italians and Chinese boost of been the originators of noodle. But I would  like to ask you, where did noodles come from?
The 2005 discovery of 400 year old millet noodles in China was for some the closing argument in a debate that has gone for years about the origin of noodles. There is a commonly believed story that the Italian explorer Marco Polo visited China in the late 13th century and brought back the noodle to his native land, when it became pasta. Noodles have been a staple food in many parts of the world for at least 2,000 years, though whether the modern version of the silk pasta was first invented by the Chinese, Italians or Arabs is debatable.

Image Credit :Norecipes
Image Credit :Norecipes

Jen Lin-Liu, author of “On The Noodle Road: From Beijing to Rome, With Love and Pasta” embarked on the” noodle road” from Beijing to Rome—to try to find the origin of the noodle.
You can read more about her journey by clicking One Woman’s Global Quest For The Origins Of The Noodle.

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